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Saturday, October 31, 2009

'09 halloween: the beginning

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(or tri-lighter)


that is sort of the concept.

we'll see how this plays out the rest of actual halloween day/night.

enjoy the weekend!

(2008 halloween offering? ... OVER HERE)


Saturday, October 10, 2009

cog: this time, it was the word detail

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needed for my
cuburination moment
on oct 7th
(last time was over here and over here)

common demoninator?

ponytail gal.

key word?

(out of context, doesn't mean much. within context, it's pee-in-my-pants)

thanks, ponytail, for the chuckles this week.
very, VERY much needed and welcomed.


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Saturday, October 03, 2009

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today is
cal's homecoming

v. usc

two years ago i took my friend joanne to her first cal football game ... OVER HERE documents her virgin-voyage.

this season, cal's showing as follows ...
and despite the obvious chatter about cal's game last weekend, today perhaps will be THE DAY that we beat U$C.
top or bottom, anyone?
what say you?

tailgate crawling, anyone?!
see ya!

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

mcgayver or macgyver? ...

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problem ... the floor easels do NOT have the proper holders for displaying poster boards.

solution ... binder clips.

other considerations ...
  • diameter - diameter of easel leg determines whether a medium, large or uber-mega binder clip is used.
  • fashionista - we only had black clips. if this trend continues, may consider silver and brass clips
  • poster board - featherweight or weighty? featherweight works. weighty? not-so-much
alternatives sans binder clips? ... tape and pens/pencils (or chopsticks) to create the support. no easel; use floor or chair.

other ideas?

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

haiku on the run at harris ranch?

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at harris ranch for a couple of nights. a couple people were inspired upon our arrival lunch ...
harris ranch here now
beef o' plenty - live and dead
oh - smell of money?!

oh moose on the wall
sweet potato fries are here
i pet you - cow chair
maybe more later ... or not?

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

r|break: not to wear out loud ... ?!

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today's tank tee
(under my hoodie)
during my
comp time stint ...

so stop with the #11 (!), misters ... ha!

meanwhile ...

next weekend is cal v. usc

(our homecoming!!!

enjoy your weekend!

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

r|break: saturday morn fiber break - i love you more than ...

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so it has been a while since a saturday morning fiber break where you can provide feedback or ponder.

fiber break ... that special several minutes in the morning when you just ... just can be you and have your special moment (or moments). so for today's fiber break ... revisiting and adding on to -

. grits at rudy's . happy hour with the gals .
. watching glee . pressing speed dial on my phone .
. non sequitur conversations . ocean wet smell .
. air-conditioned buses on an indian summer day .
. color theme dress-up day .
. the colored markers i lug around at work .
. the garden fresh fruits & vegetables you share .
. movies we quote for the immature teenage boys
that we truly can be .
. le pen .
... blank ...

below from last post (april '09) over here

r|break: let me count the ways ... (from

. all the bags in my closet . that tasty cookie at caffe trieste .
. the smell of the ocean . a cup of espresso forte or garuda .
. i did yesterday . you love yourself .
. reading david's recaps of fave (and not so fave) reality tv shows .
. a scoop of chocolate therapy . cheese .
. the color of the sun setting and rising .
. how much i love how you smell .
. writing . people think i love penguins .
. our stupidicus and moronicus frivolity . i miss san diego .
. staring at the ceiling . fried pickles .
. harold and his purple crayon .
. sweet potato fries (baked of course, ha!) .
. sound of your loving sigh . blogging . ha cherng .
. your love for jumble words . your love for gardening .
... blank ...

- and a few more ponder-thoughts to add ...

. i love our hit or miss morning chats . the heat in d.c. .
. that filipino dessert i forget the name of . guacamole & chips .
. you love gerard butler . oatmeal mango cookies .
. you love talking in french . pedicures with leg massages .
. you love your belgian beer . you hate muta .
. hot chocolate with whipped chocolate mousse .
. you love to travel . buzz loves the spice girls .
. you love poppy & rosey . the sound of music .
. you love our harry potter books . uffpa .
. you love shopping . the guns you own . your love for wine .
. you love bejeweled . your dragonboat fun .
... blank ...

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